Monday, February 18, 2013

More photo's from da Rodman book siging

Dennis Rodman book signing @ ESPN Zone L.A.

2day I ended up going 2 da Dennis Rodman book signing...he wrote a book 4 his children wit Dustin Warburton "Dennis-The Wild Bull" in line where told he would only b signing his book n no outside items :(...almost everyone in linehad outside items..I even gave a kid in line a Rodman bball card..dere where about 30-40 fans in line, which surprised me n hoped he signed outside items. I saw fans getting outside items signed & was told he would sign 1 outside item if u bought 2 books. When it was our turn he told my 4 yr old daughter 2 sit nxt 2 him n signed 2 cards she handed him :) he made me buy 3 books 2 get my outside items signed, but did sign a photo, cards 4 my oldest & a bball 4 my wife :) he didn't sign our books? guess he 4got or didn't want 2 bcuz he signed outside items 4 us...I was 2 chicken 2 ask + was happy :) Spent $60 on da 3 books & Rodman told me he wasn't making $ of da book sales & it was going 2 charity 4 kids??

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tim Flannery Give Away To my so far followers..

Hi everyone, I've been out of town 4 a while & finally getting back to da graphing grove of things when I'm not @ wrk...I'm get real busy @ wrk & have 2 young girls & dats da reason why I enjoy doing TTM auto's when I can...To da few followers I have so far I'm going to give away a Tim Flannery ip auto in a few plz follow me & happy graphing :)