Monday, July 22, 2013

Great TTM!! Carl Erskine

Was very excited when I got this a couple of weeks ago...wrote Erskine a nice letter asking him if he could sign my ROMLB & card..2 my surprise he sign all my stuff including the back of my letter!! I wrote the bible verse Col. 3:23 & he wrote 1 back 2 me Col. 3:17. 1 of my best ttm's ever. I sent him $10 for his time & was well worth it :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Raiders Legend Greg Townsend

Raiders Legend & Raiders All Time Sacks Leader Greg Townsend will be @ City Walk from 4pm-8pm Raider Image 

Retail Packs from Target

Pass by my local Target after work & was in the need to bust some my lc is a bit further then Target so I went with some retail 2013 Bowman & pull auto's but some neat cards with the Bryce Harper being my fav :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

ViVa Los Dodgers on 6-30-13 @ DS

Long tiring weekend but well worth it..after camping out, pit stop 4 another signing, going home 4 my daughter's bday party myself & Dodger Bobble where @ it again the following day..Headed 2 DS early & decided 2 give Adrian Gonzalez another shot since I wanted my black ROMLB signed. There was already a lot of fans when we got to lot 6 & right after I got my ball signed he only signed for 5 more fans & was AGone outta there..he prob signed for like 10mins :/ right after decided 2 get Leo Santa Cruz who was there signing 4 fans & didn't know Chandler Hoffman of the 2X Champion Galaxy would b there & got his auto on a photo I bought on the spot..checked out how DS was inside but couldn't take the heat + I was so exhausted from a long weekend of getting auto's..headed home & picked up a Crawford auto from my lc I won on a bid board..

We couldn't pass up a little love in the Valley

Right after the AGone signing Dodger Bobble & myself couldn't pass up another free signing @ Sports Authority in Burbank. Was on our way home so why not lol we rarely get love here in the hot valley..I decided 2 get 2 cards I had on me & my 5yr old team ball Crawford gave her @ DS a couple weeks ago..Also told Matt Guerrier it was my daughter's bday & he asked me how old was she turning, I said 3 & asked politely if I can get a photo 4 her & he inscribed "Happy Bday Ali"..So on we went home & I still had a long day ahead of me wit my daughter's bday party :) felt bad Guerrier was released da following day but Dodgers had 2 & it was about time..Nice Guy :)

My 1st time camping out 4 an auto..

I've never gotten AGone so when Dodger Bobble asked if I wanted 2 camp out 4 AGone I couldn't pass it up..I knew it would b tough bcuz he was signing on 6-29-13 which is my youngest bday..she turned 3 :) Got there bout 7:30pm & was planing on getting a black ROMLB signed but changed my mind when I saw Larry & bought a Black bat & I'm so glad I did bcuz I luv it. AGone did a Q&A for bout 5mins n was 1 of da lucky ones 2 watch it da signing was well organized & was fun chatting it up & knocking out 4 a few mins with the SoCal Graphers baby!!⚾­čĹŹdecided 2 get a pix wit DJ Eddie 1 & da line was still crazy long when we left .Guessing about 500fans where dere