Monday, August 26, 2013

AJ Ellis signing 8/25/13

8/25/2013 my girl told me AJ would be signing @ El Tepeyac @ City Of Industry. She was excited since this is her fav Dodger. This was our 9 yr aniversarry so I asked her if she wanted 2 go & she didn't hesitate 2 say YES! this was our 3rd time meeting AJ👍⚾ here was a descent crowd & AJ was being real nice & talking & taking pix's with all the fans..I told him both my daughters initials are also AJ & had a nice small conversation with them :) Of course my girl had 2 take a solo pix with AJ lol we had a great time & my girl added more AJ auto's to her pc👍⚾✒

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