Monday, August 19, 2013

Dodgers vs Mets game 8-12-13

On Mon Aug 12, 2013 I decided 2 roll wit DB to DS for the Dodgers vs Mets game. Was hoping 2 get something good, but I'm always happy just 2 get an autograph👍✒⚾ my day started horrible..missed on Kemp, Ethier, Dee, & McGwire. I woulda been happy with any 1 of those. I'm not gona lie, I was upset :/    So on we go 2 the Mets side & hoping on Matt Harvey & it wasn't going well, but thx 2 my buddy Eric 4 having Harvey call us down 👍4 those who don't graph @ DS it's tuff graphing the opposite team inside unless u have expensive seats :/ u have 2 get the plyrs attention. Well finally got Harvey & that made me feel a bit better 👍after we headed 2 da Dodgers bullpen & picked up Paco & Withrow. Picked up a on card auto of Josh Hamilton in a trade. Thx Scott👍had a great moment with Justin Turner. He tells me idk about that Raiders phone case & you have a Raiders jacket 2? I tell him yeah that's how I do. Raiders my team no matter what lol I tell him you're my fav Mets player now & he tells me why? Bcuz I gave you an auto? I said no bcuz you're a kool guy lol he was chill 👍

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